In Kiply we care as much (or even more) about work-life balance as we do about new trends in management and technology. If we are to be defined by just one feature, that is the pursuit of continuous improvement in productivity. This phrase, far from being a bunch of buzz words, is something that we should be able to get in our daily work. Time is our most valuable resource and the only one we cannot replenish once the day is done and the counter is reset to zero. So when you start to manage it properly, your life takes an 180-degree turn. Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight, but you can always find more efficient ways to work. And yes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but there was someone who placed the city’s first stone. In this post, we will talk about the ‘Go home on time Day‘, one of those first steps towards real balance that was taken in the year 2000 by the British organisation Working Families.

What is the ‘Go home on time day’ about?

Working Families is the UK’s leading work-life balance organisation and its members firmly believe that families need time as much as they need money. Based on this principle, they created the ‘Go home on time Day’. It is an annual event designed to raise awareness of the importance of work-life balance to both employees and employers in the UK. The good news is that many other countries, such as Spain and Australia, have adopted this initiative to promote it in their own labour markets. In Australia, for example, they take it really seriously, and they have even created an ‘Overtime Calculator‘, for employees to see how much money they have ‘donated’ to their employers as unpaid overwork.


Why do we need to go home on time?

The Go Home on Time Day isn’t just about reclaiming hours donated to unpaid overtime. In fact, it has to do more with people’s mental health and wellbeing. More and more companies are implementing flexible working policies, because when we work long hours, that has a negative impact both on our productivity and our life:

  • our anxiety and stress levels increase;
  • we cross out all the activities we had scheduled for ourselves (e.g. going to the gym or the cinema, taking a walk…);
  • we miss out on cooking meals and eating healthily;
  • we spend less and less time with our family and friends;
  • and the list goes on and on, but you already know that.

So come on, count to three and back away from your desk. Take a deep breath and simply get up. Now walk towards the door, (yeah, you know how to do it, left, right, left, right, left…), you can even wave goodbye to that partner you like so much, put a smile on your face and… there you are! Go through that door and breathe again, this time in the fresh air. No regrets, and just enjoy the rest of your day.

Image by Sandro Katalina

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