Traditional job interviews have come to an end. Highlighting your positive and negative aspects or detailing your professional experience are obsolete methods to recruit personnel. Gamification has arrived selection of personnel.

Using game dynamics and mechanics is now present in many different fields: from marketing to education, through events. The business atmosphere, and in particular talent recruiting, couldn’t be less.

Organisations great challenge

As we have already explained in another post, recruiting and retaining talent is one of the greatest challenges of any organisation. On the one hand, gamification can help Human Resources personnel to identify how each candidate reacts to a real situation and find out skills that they could have missed.

On the other hand, facing real situations allow candidates to put in practice and prove their knowledge, intelligence and skills. Their results may be key for them to be selected.

Gamification to recruit talent

LaBrandon blog explains some benefits of applying gamification to selection processes and that way making sure the best talent gets recruited. There you can also see some examples of companies that have already joined gamification to their selection processes.

  1. Getting to know each profile better. Identifying each candidate strengths and characteristics, not only to select the best talent, but also to be sure where he or she would fit into the company.
  2. Creativity and collaboration. Gamification can be put into practice individually or as a group, so candidates can prove their ability to work as a team and the role that better suits them.
  3. Motivation. Candidates will be more motivated and will give their best.
  4. Brand image. The selection processes of a company are its way of showing innovation and commitment to workers.
  5. Updated training process and personal development. Gamification allows candidates to acquire knowledge, to develop new skills and to get to know what the job they are applying for exactly consists of.

And what about small companies?

We are aware that developing a video game in order to hire personnel is not at everybody’s reach. But you can make the process a much more fun and dynamic one. You could start by putting aside the typical questions of a job interview. Anyway, let’s face it, we all tend to lie a little bit. You can also set a practical case or an exercise. Let your imagination run free but always bearing in mind what skills the job position requires.

For instance, through a simple game, you can figure out the personality of the candidate. Depending on how they interact with the game, you’ll know what kind of gamer they are and, therefore, how they will face future challenges. This is really useful where group work is required.

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Image: Dean Hochman

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