Whenever we face a new job, responsibility or project, the same question always arises: what if it doesn’t work out? Fear of failure is usually the reason why the answer to this question contains more cons than pros.
The fear of failure, of not being up to the challenge, of making a bad decision or simply being afraid of what others may think of us, all of them have a direct impact on the choices we make. The negative side carries more weight and we usually take the safest option (which, by the way, is also the one involving resignation and stagnation).

Overcoming the fear of failure is possible

The fear of failure makes us miss both professional and personal opportunities. Here are some tips to trick yourself so that you won’t be driven by fear:

  1. Identify what frightens you. Failure can have very different meanings for each person. The important thing is to identify what you’re really afraid of: it may be making less money than you used to, starting something new or not being trained enough to deal with things. Whatever it is, understanding the reason for your fears is the first step to lead the life you want.
  2. Change your perception of failure. We tend to understand failure as an ending to our journey. But it’s actually a part of it. Every failure is an opportunity to learn from your own experience and improve yourself. Errors can also be helpful if you know how to take advantage of them. Changing your perception of failure is essential to stop fearing it.
  3. Divide each goal into small steps. Imagine that you couldn’t fail, what would you do? where would you like to be? Getting rid of negative thinking helps you define exactly what you want. Once you know, divide those goals into smaller and more accessible steps. By doing so, they will be more achievable and you can address them gradually and fearlessly.
  4. Find a mentor. A mentor is simply someone who guides you and helps you make decisions. Find someone who is more experienced than you are and who has gone through similar situations. This mentor will give you advice and help you overcome the fear of failure in order to achieve what you want.

Fear of failure is unavoidable, but you have to learn to overcome it if you want to achieve your goals. Dare to lead the life you want. It’s solely up to you.

Translation by Susana Castro.

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