Workers’ motivation goes far beyond what they earn at the end of the month. Salary is an important aspect of being satisfied with our job. However, other things such as the workplace and the possibility of professional develop have a direct impact on our productivity.  In fact, according to a report from Edenred-IESE, emotional wages can increase productivity by 19%.

Putting aside economics, employees look for feeling comfortable at work and trusting the organization they work for. For them to feel that that organization is where they belong and that they play an important part there is essential, both at an employee level and also at a personal level.

Emotional wages and motivation

The secret for the employees to have a good emotional wage is the company itself and how it motivates them in order to stimulate their productivity. Some of the factors that have a big impact on their welfare are:

  1. Trusting the company and feeling identified by its business culture and the values that it represents.
  2. Having promotion and training opportunities so employees can professionally develop.
  3. Freedom to express their ideas and discontent as well as to be involved in the decision-making process.
  4. A good communication with their partners and superiors so a good working atmosphere can be created.
  5. Having the opportunity to conciliate their personal and professional lives through flexible working hours.
  6. Their superiors should encourage them into making their own decisions and being self-sufficient at work.
  7. Recognition of their achievements and being valued by all members of the company. Being encouraged by the company to reach their objectives.
  8. Being sure of what is expected from each worker and the responsibilities attached to their role.

It’s in the companies hands

to provide the employees with the welfare needed for they to develop their full potential and put in practice their knowledge. This is the best way to retain talent. Iberdrola has already implemented initiatives to improve their workers’ emotional wages.

Emotional wages comprise all the reasons that make a worker happy and committed to the organization beyond economics. These are simple investments that make the company benefit at short, medium and long term. Investing in the employees’ welfare means investing in the efficiency and productivity of the company.

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