Efficiency and efficacy are not the same, but we sometimes tend to compare them when talking about productivity. Although both terms refer to reaching objectives, they have different meanings.

Reaching objectives

Efficacy is the ability to reach the desired effect, while efficiency is the ability to have someone or something to reach that desired effect. We can then say that the first one is exclusively focused on final results, while the second one is more focused on the resources used to get such outcome.

On a business aspect, these ideas are not very different in meaning. If they reach the goal set within the time provided, they will be effective.  But in achieving success, too many company resources may have been used (materials, personnel, time, etc.) and the task won’t be profitable. On the other hand, an efficient person will reach that same goal by using as fewer resources as possible.

Efficient or effective personal organisation

The ideal thing is to be able to balance efficiency and efficacy. That’s when we say that a professional is effective. They’re not only able to reach the goals set, but they also do so by managing the available resources the best they can.

When it comes to reaching our objectives, work planning and time management are key to being effective professionals. Also, having the right resources, especially the human ones, is the best way to get a team to work effectively.

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Translation by Pablo Velázquez

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