The latest trends in productivity repeat the same terms over and over again: efficiency, effectiveness, procrastination, multitasking, etc. At the end of the day, this might just be a word salad. It is not the first time that in Kiply we talk about the difference between efficiency and effectiveness, but since it is a key topic, we’ll delve a little deeper into it (and, by the way, we’ll try to make you smile, so that the second half of your week looks even better than the first one).

Efficiency is better than Effectiveness

Yes, you’ve read it right. We’re committed to efficiency, not effectiveness. The difference between both terms? Very simple: being efficient means being able to meet your goals and finish your projects by making the best possible use of the available resources; being effective implies reaching your goals as well, but you may not have paid attention to the way you were spending (and wasting) those resources. And, by ‘resources’ we, of course, mean ‘time’ as well since it is the most valuable of them all.


calvin-and-hobbes, bill-waterson

This sharp comic strip by our beloved Bill Waterson may sound familiar to you… Have we said ‘may’? Of course, it does! It sounds familiar to all of us indeed. Procrastinating (or, better said, ‘delaying’) is a very common practice among humans. But hey, it is not always negative, and many brilliant people say they really enjoy that adrenaline rush when they put things off until the last minute. However, it is also true that it goes against efficiency.

One thing at a time

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about multitasking and most of us have taken for granted that everybody should be able to do a hundred tasks at a time. But this appears to be a huge mistake. When you have a messy desk, a large backlog of emails, a phone constantly ringing… oof… don’t you just get exhausted by reading this? We do! Performing several tasks at the same time doesn’t mean that you’re doing them well (needless to say that you won’t enjoy doing them at all).

We invite you to watch this short Ted Talk by Paolo Cardini on the importance of monotasking. It won’t solve your problems, but it won’t hurt either (and for sure it will make you smile).


Now that you’re in such a good mood, take an honest look at your work system, reflect on how you manage your time, and dare to be more efficient than effective.

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