Nowadays, nobody has any doubt about the power of designers. The impact of their work is not just aesthetic or functional, but environmental. For this reason, their designs may also affect companies and the way they interact with the environment.

Well-designed spaces and products imply, on the one hand, lower costs and less environmental impact, and on the other hand, greater efficiency and productivity. This could be applied to the design of ecological offices as well, which is one of the greatest challenges companies are currently facing.

Green Buildings

In the USA, it is the Green Building Council that certifies whether a building is environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy.

According to it, the LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is changing the way we think about how buildings and communities are planned, constructed, maintained and operated.

Companies which apply sustainable criteria in their buildings, get to reduce costs both in their functioning and maintenance. Moreover, they are healthier and more respectful to the people working in such offices and the environment.

Easy ways to go Green in the office

When we feel comfortable in a space, our concentration and productivity get hugely increased.

Although our office may not be certified yet by any Green Building Council, there are many basic measures we can implement to improve our wellbeing, thus the quality of our work.

Here are some tips on very easy ways to go green:

  • Have plants around the office in order to improve productivity. Plants clean the air, are aesthetically pleasant and help to reduce stress. Take this into account when designing your green office.
  • Decorate to relax: soft colours, rounded forms and natural materials make any object and space positive to us. If you design your eco-friendly office according to these basic guidelines, your employees and clients won’t ever want to leave.
  • Use electricity wisely thanks to computers, printers, photocopiers, and any other devices set to their most energy efficient settings. Take advantage of natural sunlight as much as possible and of course, turn off all the devices that are not being used.
  • Pay attention to eco-labelling: check that all available items in your office (furniture, paper, plastic, office supplies, etc.) have official ecolabels. Besides, you can look for the ones which are both recycled and recyclable, and the circle will be perfectly round.

Do not hesitate, take a walk around your office and check its ‘ecological quotient’. With just some basic adjustments you’ll improve its efficiency and the wellbeing and productivity of your employees.

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