You’re presenting a new idea or project to your coworkers. But your hopes of being carried in triumph out of the meeting room vanish at the very moment when someone utters the much feared “but”. Nobody likes their ideas to be questioned, but there is always someone who does so.

Do you think that workmate wants to drag you down looking for disadvantages where there are none? You are wrong. That partner is the point of view that your project was lacking. People who disagree with you are exactly what can help you make things better.

Differing opinions to improve

There is no doubt that it’s easier to surround ourselves with people who think alike. But it’s also less constructive. The fewer people who disagree with you, the fewer challenges you will have to face to see your ideas from different points of view.
As they say in Lifehacker, constructive feedback is essential to innovation.

If the members of a team can express themselves freely, this may lead to very valuable ideas. But this freedom must be applied both when expressing the point of view of each member and when it comes to accepting that our ideas are not always the best.

Learn to listen and to give your opinion

Not only should you know how to take criticism, but you should also know how to give it to others. In this post, we explain how to give constructive criticism and be heard.

The important thing is to learn to be comfortable with people who disagree with you. Keeping them close will help you do your job better and see things in a different way.

So, the next time a colleague starts by saying “but”, pay attention to them because their point of view may be the only missing piece your project needs to be great.

Translation by Susana Castro.

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Image: 드림포유

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