There’s been lots of changes in Kiply these months. Sometimes we’re so concentrated in our daily routines that we forget to look at things with some distance. And the worst part of it is that we don’t realize our mistakes until it’s too late to avoid them.

But sometimes it’s good that reality beats you in your face. That happened to us last February. We thought it was the time to launch the paid version of Kiply and start getting paid for functionalities that had been free until then. We also thought that users would pay for using them. But that didn’t happened: none of theme was willing to pay for Kiply. In other words, we weren’t making a really useful product.

The biggest redesign in the last two years

In this scenery, what could we do? Regretting was not in our plans. So we decided to spend our time designing the new Kiply with the knowledge we learnt from past mistakes.

That’s what we’ve been working on last months. We’ve listened all the comments and suggestions from our users to make an attractive and, what’s more important, useful product. We thank you all that have spent a small part of your time helping us being better.

Do you help us with the new Kiply?

But we want (and need) to listen even more opinions. That’s why we ask you to join the team and tell us which are your real needs. You can write a comment in this post, send us an email or tell us in our social networks profiles. Any way it’s good for you to tell us which problems the new design of Kiply should solve or which functionalities would you like to enjoy. You suggest and we work to make it real.

The good side from starting again is that everything is possible 😉

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