Almost a decade ago, Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly initiated the movement Quantified-self. Since then, there have many promises but, what were the actual benefits?

In A decade in Quantified-self is still more hope than reality, Michael Carney reviews these years of wearables, data and self-tracking.

The reality of Quantified-self a decade after

Despite we have lived through the last year the boom of wearables, still none of them is a ‘must-have’; a device able to satisfy the needs of users beyond very specialised environments. In fact, Carney believes that these obstacles are the reason for the high rate of people quitting wearables.

The main problem is that although they provide with a huge amount of data, it’s not enough. The analysis is up to the users and they don’t know what to do with such amount of data.

What do I do with these data?

The key is what these devices find out about us. What Carney suggests is connecting several sources of data in order to see the implications and interactions among ourselves. The main question this new software needs to answer is: What does this mean to me? And that’s not all. It also needs to provide with enough help to modify and improve habits.

So far, not one company has focused its efforts on developing software that gives true value and meaning to users. But it is inevitable for the company to evolve in that field otherwise, it is doomed to failure.

In Kiply we believe there are lots of factors that directly or indirectly affect personal productivity. That’s why we will soon make available to our users a way to integrate through our software all the information they collect thanks to their wearables. What value does this provide? For instance, they will be able to know how physical exercise, hours of sleep and stress affect their performance at work. This means finding the relations among our health and our personal productivity.

The better version of us

Apple’s entering the market and the reduction of the size of the sensors guarantee the future of QS. The challenge is to improve the richness of data and to make available to users the tools they need to extract the value they want.

As Carney says, ‘we all can become our better version thanks to the right information and feedback’. That’s why in Kiply we work every day to make a reality out of the promises of Quantified-self.

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Image: Bridget Coila


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