Workers’ talent is an essential factor within an organisation as it’s key to improving its efficiency and profitability. It’s not easy to find skilled, dynamic and clever professionals. That’s why there’s an increasing number of companies that carry out specific programs in order to improve the wellbeing of their employees and to retain talent as part of a competitive strategy.

There are many formulas to get workers to be motivated and to like their jobs. In addition to material incentive such as good salaries, other methods can be used to keep the best members of our staff.

In the next paragraphs we analyse some successful models set by prestigious companies.

Building trust

Software giant Microsoft has been aiming its talent managing at trust over a decade. It does so through labour flexibility programs that allow for conciliation and mobility to take place. Besides, more than half of company’s vacancies are taken by employees already working at the company.

It also has a specific talent spotting program called Bench, in which workers with greatest potential are included. It’s a specific training in managing techniques, leadership, communication and business strategy. This training includes rotations in various positions within the organization for employees to have a broader vision and, therefore, can make better decisions in the future.

Belonging to the team

Other companies, for instance Ikea, make employees participant in their strategies from day one. This way, they feel they are part of a big team. This philosophy starts by telling them the history of the company and its founder. Through a monthly review, workers can also give their opinions and are put up to date about news regarding the company and its evolution across the world

Top management also encourage this feeling of closeness by directly implicating with every level employees and encouraging internal promotion and empowerment. Besides, Ikea promotes a family spirit by implementing flexible working hours adapted to each personal circumstances, school assistance, health insurance, and special discounts for their own items.

Recruiting and attracting talent

In Google case, talent is guaranteed through the acquisition of small new companies that come to the American giant looking for funding. On the one hand they get new ideas for their products and, on the other hand, they incorporate new young professionals willing to develop such ideas and keep innovating. Once inside the team, the company takes good care of them. For instance, they are allowed to bring their pets at work and also they are provided with facilities where they can find healthy food, gym, nursery, and a great environment.

Examples in Spain

There are also many companies in our country that implement talent retention policies. Prosegur and Ferrovial have corporative universities where they train their employees thanks to internal and external experts. Mercadona is committed to the philosophy that a client will not be satisfied if the worker isn’t. It is also focused on welcome programs, specialised training and additional advantages for pregnant workers or multilingual employees.

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