Communication is essential to any aspect of our life. In order to develop our social life, we need to able to pass on what we want and also to comprehend what other people want to tell us. Business has never given communication the importance it deserved, but nowadays communication is considered to be essential for a strategy to be successful or to fail.

Communication as part of Business Intelligence

One of the aspects of Business Intelligence is based on compiling and interpreting data that, once managed, provide with very valuable information for business decision-making processes. Having a good approach will not only give us access to information about the company, its clients and competitors, but also will allow us to get to know its inner methodology so we can detect what is working and what is not. In order to optimize profitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the job done, all the processes and tasks of a company are to be known, as well all aspects regarding the employees.

However, this information is worthless if the company is not able to properly pass it on for the receiver to comprehend and apply it as necessary. Here is where communication plays an important role by helping us use information in order to implement a successful business strategy.

Types of internal communication

Communication at work has traditionally followed a downward direction inside the company. This type of communication is characterized by a lack of motivation or any kind of positive interaction with employees, as information goes in one direction and feedback rarely takes place.

Companies have opted for horizontal communication in recent years, which means that all workers are at the same level, enhancing collaboration, teamwork and fluid communication among them. All company levels are interrelated, being possible to propose ideas, solve problems, etc.

Encouraged work-team

A good Business Intelligence strategy based on fluid communication among the different members of a company will ultimately generate much more motivated workers. Getting the different teams and their members to feel as an active part of a business project is the main key to creating commitment, which will lead towards productivity.

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