If you had never done something that makes you nervous, where would you be right now? Most likely, you never would have left your house.

Each day we face situations that are far from being comfortable and, therefore, they are a challenge to us. Thanks we are able to face those situations; we learn from them and make our comfort zone wider.

What’s a comfort zone?

A comfort zone is formed by all the mental borders that we ourselves build between what we believe we can do and what we believe we don’t. It’s built by psychological barriers that keep us from the things we believe to be too difficult and, therefore, scare us.

It’s only up to us to be proactive and take the initiative to go beyond the easy things. Otherwise, we’ll be quitting to all the possibilities we can find outside our comfort zone. When we go out of our comfort zone we realize we are able to do more things than we thought.

This can be applied to our job, our personal life or to any other aspect of our life. When talking about productivity, doing things we have never done may scare us, but it also broadens our borders and makes us feel comfortable with new things. For instance, giving a lecture may scare you, but the minute you get to work you’ll realize those fears were nowhere but inside your head.

How do we get out of our comfort zone?

First, we need to identify our comfort zone. To do so, Marcus Taylor has designed a tool that allows us to measure our comfort zone through an algorithm. Knowing how it is and how it could be will motivate you to face new challenges and to live a much more exciting life.

‘If you want something that you still don’t have, you need to do something that you haven’t still done‘. If you keep doing the same things, you can’t expect to get different results. For instance, if you want to improve your time management, don’t wait for it to magically happen while constantly checking your inbox. New habits are the way to get new results.

Do something outside your comfort zone. You’ll find awesome things waiting for you as ‘life begins just in the limits of your comfort zone’.

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Image: Nick De Mey

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