How would your life be if you measured your activity every second? How could you obtain benefits from the information you generate? Chris Dancy already does that and he is sure we all will be doing the same soon. In his words, ‘I’m you, but just in a few years’. Welcome to the Inner-net.

Who is Chris Dancy?

More than 300 wearables and sensors measure, collect and quantify in real time the personal and professional life of Chris Dancy. This 45 years old American collects information about himself and about what surrounds him in order to get to know his behaviour and have a better life.

The result is a full record of all the activities he does through the day. Thanks to this, Dancy is able to find unexpected correlations like, for example, what factors are the reasons he needs to eat more some days than others. This system works like a kind of ‘Google’ to which Dancy can ask anything about himself of the past five years.

The beginning of the quantified man

It all started 5 years ago when Chris Dancy had the need to quantify all his digital life as he was afraid he could lose it. So he looked for ways of automatically compiling his activity on social networks and without wasting time. After that, he kept using the Quantified-self to improve his health and lose weight. Little by little more aspects of his life were incorporated into his thorough records.

Thanks to the feedback his quantified life provides him, Dancy is much more aware of how he reacts to it and he can take measures to adapt to his environment, to be encouraged and to acquire new habits that help him improve. Although lots of people think his is crazy or a visionary, Dancy believes it’s just a matter of time that all embrace a lifestyle similar to his.

The future of work

Among other things, Chris Dancy is a specialist in data analysis to improve productivity. According to him, we spend time at the office but we are not really productive. Thanks to the Internet of the things we can quantify the true work we do, we can set patterns and see our behaviour habits.

By measuring us and what surround us, we can identify the conditions where we are more productive (hours of sleep, music, diet, etc.) so we can improve our performance by reproducing them. Our own data help us improve our productivity and, therefore, our economy.

To Dancy, it is clear that the future of the labour market is quantifying our work in order to become better employees. According to his words, ‘by the end of the decade, there will not be a single job on earth that hadn’t been modified by intelligent goals, wearable technology or personal information’.

From ‘Big Brother’ to ‘Big Mother’

Dancy is worried about the security and privacy of the data we generate about ourselves. There is no more the ‘Big Brother’ where each individual takes control and makes the best out of his own data in order to improve his life. He calls ‘Big Mother‘ to this new step of going from collecting data to getting stronger thanks to that data.

The Internet era has ended and now the Inner-net era has begun. We could translate it as a net that connects us to ourselves through our own data. There is lots of information around us and it’s time for us to start using it to our own benefit. The ultimate goal is a future where we live a life enhanced by data.

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Image: Christopher M Dancy


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