The Quantified-self movement consists in knowing oneself through measurement and monitoring on an ongoing basis. We could sum it up in one sentence: Self-knowledge through numbers.

Peter Drucker and the Quantified-self

What can’t be measured cannot be improved“. This famous quote by Peter Drucker is the basis of the Quantified-self philosophy. Although it was written many years before the movement had even started, it perfectly defines this particular way of understanding the relationship we have both with ourselves and with everything around us.

Life based on data is getting more and more popular, and the technology making it possible has become a lifestyle. We all want to improve despite our physical condition, personal finance or productivity. It’s the first time in human history that the average individual has such a self-knowledge capacity and, of course, we all want to make the most out of it.

Life under the microscope

Undoubtedly, measuring in order to improve would be much more difficult without technology. Nowadays we can measure and monitor our activity automatically and in real time. Every day we get large amounts of data about ourselves and we have tools to extract actual information from them.

We can know our blood sugar levels, how many kilometres we’ve done or our heart rate at all times. Then why don’t you monitor your productivity the way you track your running workouts? With Kiply, you will automatically know how and what you’re spending your time on so that you can set your own improvement goals. With our software, your personal productivity can be a part of your Quantified-self way of life.

Improvement based on data

It would be just like using a Fitbit tracker but applied to your productivity: you can set goals, monitor your progress and share your achievements with your partners while improving yourself. Kiply has an integrated AI system which will give you advice according to your own data, thus adapted to what you really need. There couldn’t be a better way to build new habits.

So, if you feel you’re not as productive as you should and could, download Kiply for free and learn how to improve both your personal and professional lives. And remember: what can’t be measured cannot be improved.

Translation by Susana Castro

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Image: Emily

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