The key to business management is being able to organise finance, operations, external and internal factors and, what’s more important, behaviour management. Time management is an essential factor for the right functioning of any company.

Human behaviour has been studied by a great number of psychological theories that try to explain and predict behaviour. Through these studies and theories, directors and experts have been able to guide behaviour at work. The focus was set on the various opportunities within behaviour changes.

Taking only three steps will change your behaviour

Doctor BJ Fogg is the founder of the Persuasive Technology Laboratory of the University of Standford. There, he has made great progress on the investigation of behaviour design. In his theory, psychology and technology are combined to induce certain behaviours through a number of steps.

FBM theory  states that for a person to develop a certain behaviour he or she must:

  1. Have enough motivation
  2. Have the ability to embrace such behaviour
  3. Have challenges to do it

These three factors must take place at the same time; otherwise, the behaviour change won’t succeed

Fogg Behavior Model


BJ Fogg establishes three core motivators, each one of them with two parts:

  1. Motivator 1: pain and pleasure. They are the innate response of human being to emotions. They don’t require an actual feeling or anticipation.
  2. Motivator 2: fear and hope. These are motivators related to anticipating a result.
  3. Motivator 3: social acceptance and rejection. They are related to human behaviour in a social context. The acceptance of rules and fear of rejection because of doing something different.


This basically refers to the simplicity when carrying out a certain action. The key elements that affect simplicity involve time, money, physical efforts, brain cycles, social deviance and habits.


This is a call for action. The challenge is the accumulation of motivation and the ability that make you take action. A practical example is this one: after going to a speech, the salesmen shows you the product and offers you a gift if you buy it. In more technological context, an email can induce to a behaviour change if motivation and ability have already been achieved.

BJ Fogg’s model proves that we all can change our habits and behaviour in order to make our life a more productive one. We only need a little motivation. Download Kiply and find out how to increase your productivity in a simple and fun way.

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Image: Fernando Mafra

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