Big Data is an upward trend in the business world and it’s shaking up the way companies and professionals make decisions. Alongside this technology also comes objectivity to the business world. Among the many advantages, it allows us to make assessments and make decisions on the basis of objective data.

Data do not lie

From the employees’ point of view and for the first time in history, Big Data allows for each one to be objectively valued for the job done.  This means, establishing a true meritocracy is within our reach.

Data speaks for us more than any CV or report. And not only that. We are all the same when our work is translated into data; no difference is made depending on who is behind that data. Big Data technology makes possible for our performance information to be impartial and objective so we get valued for what we are really worth.

The benefits of meritocracy

Meritocracy is about professionals’ desire and capacity of improvement. Taking that into account, we want to show you some of the advantages that Big Data gives towards achieving a true meritocracy:

  1. Motivation. If employees know that they will be objectively valued and compensated for their true efforts, then they will have the motivation needed to achieve all their objectives.
  2. Recognition. Big Data allows us to acknowledge the work done by each member of the team and then to value their contributions to the organisation on the basis of objective data. That is also how leadership and workers’ improvement is encouraged.
  3. Retaining talent. The above-mentioned advantages make it a lot easier to recruit and retain each organisation’s  true talent.

The ideal of a meritocracy is where everybody is objectively valued for his work. And this is closer thanks to Big Data. At Kiply we are committed to that.

Based on Big Data technology, Kiply incorporates techniques such as Gamification, Quantified-self and Business Intelligence in order to automatically measure and analyse users’ activity in real time. Kiply’s expert system offers personalised advice based on your activity for you to be motivated and improve your personal productivity in a simpler, safer and fun way.

Are you going to miss your chance of proving what you are worth?

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