Through our human development, we suffer a set of changes and transformations that shape who we are. It’s normal that we find obstacles that sometimes keep us from growing, both at a personal and at a professional level. Every one of us has his own tools, developed to a greater or lesser extent, to face these obstacles and overcome them. With simple tricks, you’ll be able to manage your daily problems much more easily.

Practical applications in your working place

  1. Time management. Our jobs and duties are divided into the different aspects of our life: family, social life, work, leisure, etc. Make to-do lists and learn how to delegate tasks that are not a part of your job, as well as how to separate the different aspects of your life. Identify the exact hours of your day when you are more active and productive so you can schedule your more complex activities in those hours when you are full of energy.
  2. Keep record of the achievements accomplished. Summarize all the big steps that brought you to your actual position so you’ll be able to see on a paper all the progress you’ve made. Besides, realizing where you have got will encourage you as it’ll show you all your potential and it’ll help you fix mistakes.
  3. Overcome the learning obstacles. Recycling yourself and learning new thigs is important. Being curious about topics that are not apparently related to your job will also help you. Learn how to use at work all the abilities you have learn in other aspects of your life. That involves interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills. Take to your job the emotional intelligence you use to interact with your family and friends. And, what’s more important, don’t ever stop learning.
  4. Think good of yourself. Rivalry among partners is constant. Although a lack of self-confidence can be your worst enemy, picture yourself as a successful person and get surrounded by positivity and by people that believe in you. Many time, successful people are not those who are more intelligent, but those more confident and braver.

Choosing your way, finding out new strengths and weakness through practice is important for us. The first step is trying. You’ll never accomplish anything unless you take that first step. Have a positive attitude and be brave enough to get what you want.

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Image: Philippe Put

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