Two weeks ago we were on our way to Lisbon to take part in the Web Summit 2016, a global meeting point for the technology industry. Thanks to our presence at the event, we were able to attract more users who want to improve their productivity, as well as to get feedback, attract investors, and start making a name for ourselves in the international market.

More than 2,500 users are now working more motivated

Participating in the Web Summit has helped us gain visibility and have more users than ever before. Thanks to Kiply, there are more than 2,500 professionals from the services sector who are now more motivated and productive. They work in different fields, such as law, consultancy and engineering, as well as design and software development. Our users’ profiles range from freelancers to medium-sized businesses’ employees who are concerned about managing their time more efficiently.
In Lisbon, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to our users and clients in order to know their impressions of Kiply. This way, we now understand the actual needs of different kinds of professionals and we can keep on building a really useful tool for all of them, regardless of their jobs.

From the Web Summit towards an international future

Attending the Web Summit hasn’t just led us to get a larger number of users, but a greater international visibility in both the media and business worlds. It has meant a turning point in order to expand our business and break into the international market. Not only that, but we’ve also contacted investors that will help us achieve our main goal: to disrupt traditional Human Resources management and become a number one in people analytics and intelligence advisors.
We’ll keep on working with renewed strength to improve Kiply day by day and develop a tool that will help thousands of professionals to be more productive.

Translation by Susana Castro

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