Email is an essential tool for our daily work. But the big quantity of messages that we receive every day in our inbox can become an enemy of our productivity. Managing our email efficiently is essential to spend our time on the really important tasks. That’s why we have selected the best courses to manage your email for you to learn how to deal with email overload and take the maximum benefit out of your time.

  • Escape email overwhelm! In under 1 hour. With this short course, you’ll get control of your messy inbox and learn how to maintain it clutter free. Save time when dealing with email and stop feeling anxious every time you open it.
  • Email zero inbox: the GTD optimised email workflow. After completing this course your emails will be organised into a clear-cut system so you’ll never miss anything again. Having control over your workflow will let you have greater focus and be more productive.
  • Inbox domination: how to stop wasting time in email. Learn how to reply your emails faster, avoid reading unnecessary emails and stop the obstacles that don’t let you manage your time properly.
  • 3 steps to inbox zero. Reduce stress related to email overload, learn email processing techniques and discover tools to help you process and organise email to gain control over your inbox.

If you’re looking for something more specific here you have some courses for Outlook and Gmail:

For Outlook users

  • Outlook email productivity Pro: speed & formatting tricks. This course is focused on helping you achieve Ninja level for Outlook functions. Learn from a professional corporate trainer different beginner to advanced tricks on email subject lines, segmenting, tables and much more. Besides, you can download case studies and get a course completion certificate.

Optimise your Gmail

  • How to use Gmail to maximise your productivity. Control your inbox and forget about stress by using Gmail efficiently. Learn how to maximise this tool’s potential to get to inbox zero and reduce the time you spend dealing with your email.
  • Inbox revolution: 6 simple steps to get out of email jail. This course teaches you a practical, step-by-step system for organising your email inbox.  Although it focuses on the use of Gmail as a primary email system to centralise your incoming messages, you can apply many of these tips to almost any service.
  • Double your Gmail productivity in just over 1 hour. With this brief course, you’ll discover how to process your emails faster, automatizing tedious and repetitive tasks to manage your email in the most efficient way.
  • The ultimate Gmail productivity system for business. If you spend too much time on your email, by the end of this course you will dramatically reduce it: receive less mail, understand tools to have more effective conversations and increase the speed at which you get through your email.

With this selection of courses to manage your email, you will have no excuses to be a very productive professional. Try them and let us know about your experience!

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