If there’s one single thing every manager wants, it is to find out what’s that magical ingredient that makes the best teams work the way they do. When trying to build a productive team, we all know what we want to get, but it’s very hard to define the exact elements of such formula and how to combine them in the most powerful and synergetic way.

5 ways to build a productive team

We are sure that expert managers know every trick of the trade, but for those of you who are just starting your career or maybe facing some troubled times, let us remind you some of the essentials of team building.

  1. Build a new team for each project, not the other way round. Many times, we do exactly the opposite: we have efficient teams that have been working together for years and at the end of the day, they always finish their projects. So we don’t even consider the idea of changing their members depending on their skills and interests.
  2. Everybody counts. Each member has different strengths, and many times managers are not able to see them all. Define each person’s role in terms of their contribution to the team’s goals and success and the results will be simply amazing.
  3. Face conflicts and solve them ‘cleanly’. What do we mean by ‘cleanly’? It’s simple. Whenever a conflict arises in a team, don’t just ‘let it die’ or, which is even worse, don’t take sides and wait to see ‘who wins’. The best thing to do is to make sure each member involved in the conflict gets a chance to explain their point of view; then find somebody that can do the job of ‘being in the middle’ objectively, and finally help everybody develop conflict resolution skills.
  4. Ask, give and most of all, thank. Teamwork is nothing but a give-and-take process, and one of the deepest ways of sharing efforts and knowledge human beings have, apart from those in their closest relationships and communities. As a manager, you must never forget this is a two-way street, and especially never forget to put a giant ‘Thank you all’ banner at the finish line of every goal achievement. Always remember that every team’s success is made up of every member’s time, hard work and even sweat.

And last but not least…

  1. Use the right tools. You may have been working with the same software programmes for years so you perfectly know their functionality, or maybe you have even developed your own productivity apps. Whatever the case may be, please let us invite you to try Kiply for free and start improving your productivity today.

Who knows, you may find that alchemical ingredient you were looking for 😉

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Image: Alejandro Escamilla

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