Every professional without exception, from freelancers to big multinationals’ employees, works with projects. Getting benefits or wasting resources will only depend on how we manage them. Whatever the size of our business, we all need solutions and productivity tools to help us make this management easier. And it is better when we get that at a low price (or even at zero cost).

Of course, our team members use Kiply, our own productivity tool, in every project they do, although we also have some other favourite tools when it comes to working.

Productivity tools make your life easier 

Since we all need to increase our productivity and make the best of our time, here are 5 productivity tools that we find really useful:

  • Focus Timer. Let’s start by talking about Focus Timer, the tool that Sebas Revuelta offers in his blog Productivity Time. With this tool, you’ll be able to know what projects you’re devoting more time to and how that time is being distributed. This way, you’ll plan your tasks much better and will improve your personal productivity through self-knowledge. One of the functions we most like is that you can generate reports to visualise all your data. And of course, we also love this amazing post that Sebas published about Kiply on his blog, as well as the two ones he has published on our blog on  How to get to inbox zero.
  • Slack. For our team communications, in Kiply we use Slack, which allows us to have group conversations, create public chatting channels and even send private messages to one another. You can use it from the website or as an iOS and Android application. Strengths? It allows you to share documents which are stored in the cloud and it is integrated with Dropbox and Trello.
  • Evernote. Personally, this is one of my favourite tools. All my life I’ve been collecting notebooks, and then I started saving thousands of notes on my laptop and mobile, so imagine the thrill I got when I discovered it. As GTD creator David Allen says, “our mind is made to have ideas, not to hold them”. And that’s how Evernote was born, as a simple app made to store notes online. The best thing about it is that it has increased its functionalities little by little and now you can do lots of tasks with it. For example, you can manage projects, store pictures or set alerts so that you won’t forget a single thing.
  • Google Drive and Google Calendar. In this case, you get two for the price of one. Of course, such a titan as Google couldn’t be left out of this list and its tools Drive and Calendar are essential in our day to day. The former, because it allows us to organise everything into folders according to the work teams and the projects and tasks they’re dealing with; the latter, because very few people have such an amazing memory that allows them to remember absolutely every task, deadline, date, etc. they have ahead. At least not me. I can’t live without my calendar app.
  • Feedly. Last but not least, productivity also means ‘reading just what you’re interested in, when it’s best for you’. We are bombarded all day with thousands of articles, posts, links, etc., but hardly anything is as amazingly interesting and vital so that the world should stop for us to take a look at it. With your Feedly account, you’ll be able to select which websites you want to follow (for example, let’s say…ummm…Kiply’s blog…) and classify the information into topics. This way, you’ll have access to what you’re interested in whenever you want to and, what’s most important, you won’t be interrupted.

Translation by Susana Castro


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Image: Florian Klauer

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