Attracting and retaining talent is one of the greatest challenges Human Resources department of a company has to face. In fact, talent has become a key factor to companies’ competitiveness as it determines to a great extent its future success.

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As Dylan used to say: ‘the times they are a-changing’. The way in which we used to think of working has become obsolete. With Millenials entering the labour market, employees don’t expect the same from the companies they work for anymore. They’re young, know how to use technology and are highly prepared.

Endless working hours, spending your whole life in an office or rewards based only on money belong to the past. New generations look for something else: a job that they can commit to, that adapts to their lifestyle and that allows them to fully develop their potential.

Attracting talent step by step

INC magazine helps us to transform our company into such a cool place that best professional will be desperate to work for. Let Google tremble.

  1. Encouraging commitment and motivation among employees. New generations also look for new ways of working (online, multidevice, multiplatform, etc.). But they also want more than a salary at the end of the month. They want values to which they can identify themselves to and an organisation that proves them how important they are to the company’s operation.
  2. Leadership skills and promotion opportunities. They want to be objectively recognised and valued according to their achievements. However, as mentioned in the article, leadership involves for companies to invest in training.
  3. Constant learning through newest technology. In addition to acquiring experience, they also want new knowledge. The idea is that when eventually leaving that job position they know more than before joining the company.
  4. A flexiblefun and dynamic Human Resources policy needs to be able to get rid of traditional methodology in order to focus on people and their needs.
  5. Listening to them and allowing them to take part in decision-making processes. They look for organisations where their bosses treat them as equals, value them according to their contribution, share objectives with them and provide them with constant feedback.

Companies which are not able to adapt to the new labour market will lose the great talent and potential of one of the best-prepared generation of all times.

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