Personal productivity

Kiply seamlessly integrates technology, ideas and methodology to help you learn how to improve your professional and personal life.


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Easy to use and powerful to help you fully understand how you work.


Practical and effective to help you achieve your goals and objectives.


Straightforward and innovative to improve your personal productivity.

Personal productivity software

Available for Windows.


What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Kiply lets you measure your productivity automatically and in real time to help you achieve your goals and improve your professional life.

Get consistent and objective information on how you manage your time and you will better organize your work.

optimize the time you dedicate to work


  • With Kiply you'll track the progress of all your professional activity and our Trainer will personalize ideas, learning tips and a gamification environment that will motivate you to increase your or your organization's productivity.

    Get advice from your personal trainer
  • Ideas

    To help you improve and reach your goals, Kiply´s trainer will regularly offer you personalized ideas based on your objectives, profile and all the data automatically recorded from your daily activity.

    Set goals for personal improvement
  • Learning

    Keep track of your activity, watch your improvements and learn how to get better every day. Kiply´s trainer will provide you with tips and tricks to facilitate your learning and help you achieve professional and personal success.

    Learn how to optimize your time
  • Challenges and points

    Very soon, Kiply will let you play for personal success. Kiply´s trainer will include an exclusive gamification scheme with challenges, points and levels so that you can have fun as you learn. You will only need to set your goals and work hard to be the best.









Kiply is different


Simple and sophisticated design to facilitate usability and navigation.


Continuous learning to help you achieve professional success.


You have full control over the privacy and confidentiality of your data.


Non-intrusive data capture technology and soon an expert system that will provide maximum efficiency and reliability.


Recommendations that will suit your needs.


Consistent and objective information on your daily performance.


Will motivate you to meet your challenges and improve your productivity.

Work Teams

You will organize the work with your teammates and share your achievements.

They tell Us

Opinion about Kiply

Miguel Sánchez - Graphic Designer

“Knowing how and where I spend my time is helping me to improve and better meet deadlines.”

They trust us

Opinion about Kiply

Sandra Alonso - Chief Financial Officer

“Kiply has become an indispensable tool to reorganize our department processes."